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About us

In a world of social media, reviews, search engines, and fragmented booking tools, too much information can make it hard -or even impossible- to make a choice. We built a digital platform to help modern travelers do something incredibly human: Have amazing dining experiences.

Andiago! Provides global access to extraordinary foodie experiences wherever your travels take you.

Over 25% of the travel budget goes to F&B. Yet, travelers are left adrift in a sea of editorial solutions and search engine audits.

Andiago's proprietary AI shows you restaurants that are trending in real-time.

Our expert and localized concierge called “Ana” hooks you up with those “impossible reservations” and hidden gem tables anywhere in the world.

With Andiago! You Get:

  • Forbes travel Guide rated and Andiago recommended restaurants
  • AI-powered concierge and booking engine with global scale
  • Last-minute tables with minimum spend at trending restaurants
  • Personalized guides featuring local gems and extraordinary foodie experiences

Skip the maps and reviews - Andiago’s got you covered.